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Imagine a weekend away with no lawn to mow, no shrubs to trim, no honey-do list, no social commitments, no unexpected in-law visits, and no kids’ athletic events.  Just two days of hanging out with the guys, camping with kids, sharing good conversation, breathing the fresh forest air, and enjoying a few cocktails and perhaps a good cigar.  Imagine, no one to tell you what to do – or, what not to do.  In short, it’s your weekend – probably the only one you’ll get each year – to do whatever you please.

That’s the way my book starts, and it is just as appropriate here, because organizing a weekend to camp with kids and other dads is what this site is all about. If you want to do it, if you want others to do it for you, you have come to the right place.

Entertainment is a kid-pleasing activity. Dads like it too!

I have been organizing a weekend away for dads to camp with kids for over 20 years. What started as a trip with a friend or two and their kids, blossomed into hundreds of dads and their kids—and it all works like clockwork. Planning any trip to camp with kids for the first time can be challenging, unless you have someone else’s road map and lessons learned. And that’s what is offered to you here. Any size group can come together for the first time with the step-by-step process  and checklists I have developed over the years. And with the assist of our Dads & Kids online partners, you can reserve a campsite, outfit your crew and buy your provisions.

While the book is the instruction manual, this site will be the idea exchange. What activities do kids like? What food is easy to cook and won’t concern mom that her kids are being malnourished? Where can we go with a few folks that can grow with us to handle a crowd?

If you and your other dad friends are looking to camp with kids and need a solid guide for getting it done, you might be interested in purchasing my Dads & Kids Camping Handbook. If you still are just putting your toes into the water and want ideas for camping with kids, you can find all of that within our little community.

Steve Marx, author of The Dads & Kids Camping HandbookMy name is Steve Marx and I’m here to tell you anyone can bring together hundreds of dads and their kids for a weekend of camping. I look forward to hearing about your experiences, and hope I can help you get that first trip organized and out the door.