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The Perfect Smores Recipe

Making the perfect smores recipe requires a good stick, good marshmallows and maybe a little peanut butter

When you gather the troops together for Dads and Kids Camping weekend, there’s nothing more stimulating than getting everyone around a fire and making smores. In many cases, burning marshmallows and flinging them at trees is what kids look forward to most.

Hopefully with the perfect smores recipe, you’ll have less flinging and more eating.

Start with a good stick.

The perfect smores recipe begins with a good stick. Try getting either store-bought metal skewers or gathering sticks from trees.

The benefit to the metal skewer is that it’s more sanitary and can be used over and over again. Unfortunately, it also requires cleaning. If you have a low immune system or just happen to be a germaphobe, then these are the “sticks” for you.

Natural skewers, or small tree branches work best if you want a more authentic approach or just don’t feel like dropping the dough on some metal skewers. They also add a little flavor to the marshmallows.

If you want to stand a comfortable distance from the fire, make sure you get a medium length stick.

Proceed with a good marshmallow.

Don’t get those rinky-dink marshmallows—the bigger, the better. Push your marshmallow far enough down the stick so that it stays in place if it catches on fire, but not so far that it stays on the stick when you try to pull it off.

The most important part is to pay attention to your marshmallow. If you like them crispy, let it burn. If you don’t, keep the marshmallow over the coals instead of the fire. The perfect smores recipe is really a matter of how you like it—hot, crispy and melty or soft, warm and chewy.

Now squash it.

Now that you’ve got a good marshmallow going, it’s time to crush it. Grab a graham cracker and put a block or two of chocolate on it. Now squash the marshmallow between the bottom half (with the chocolate) and the top (another graham cracker). Let it sit a few seconds to melt the chocolate and then voila… the perfect smores recipe.

Want to go bold? Add a little peanut butter and make a truly perfect smores recipe like the folks over at Thoughtfully Simple!

smores recipe

Remember, organizing your own Dads & Kids Camping Weekend isn’t all s’mores and marshmallows. It’s a whole lot of organizing, scheduling and keeping in contact with your campers.

If you think you’re ready to start organizing your own Dads & Kids Camping Weekend, download my 45-page Dads & Kids Camping Handbook.

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